About Us

Who we are

The Charlestown History Group is a growing band of enthusiasts who care about Charlestown, its history and heritage, which we research, protect and promote for current and future generations.

The group began at the beginning of 2020, initially just as an online forum, but we have moved beyond that in 2021 to become a real force for good for Charlestown’s history. In order to apply for funding for our work, we became a constituted community group in late 2021.

We have a passion and enthusiasm for the village and its heritage and history and to share it for all to enjoy.

What we do

We do genuine research, using archives – real and virtual (newspapers, military and family history…..and memories of residents and visitors alike) to dig out the real Charlestown, the truth behind the stories, the buildings, the people, their work and their way of life. We want to capture your memories and those of local people and families…it’s those personal stories that make history come alive. We challenge, we discuss and debate, improving the knowledge of our history and we capture these findings, record and protect them.

We plan to protect Charlestown when needed and have already been hard at work on this. Recently, we brought together some fantastic research on the cask banks, evidence from reports and old photographs that demonstrated the age and historical importance of these features. As a result, the Parish Council, with whom we have been closely working, submitted an application to Historic England and the banks have now been listed and protected for posterity. There is so much more like this to do as important parts of Charlestown’s unique past continue to be under threat.

And importantly we promote our findings and share the history with talks, newsletters, walks and by the establishment of the Community History Archive and Library to protect the real Charlestown and the stories of its history.

You too can get involved and help us to research, protect and promote the history of Charlestown.

The Charlestown History Group’s mission is to research, protect and promote the history and heritage of Charlestown for the benefit of current and future generations.