Pilchard Cellar

Preceding the involvement of Charles Rashleigh in the development of Charlestown, a small fishing community existed with a few cottages close to the shore. There was no harbour at this point and vessels would have been beached on the shore on a falling tide for loading or unloading.

Here, on the eastern side of the valley, was one of the first fish cellars at 1, Quay Road (Salamander). This is now converted to holiday accommodation so please respect the privacy of residents.

You can see a line of granite jambed and lintelled holes along the length of the seaward wall of the building. These are surviving press pole holes for the pilchard press used to extract the oil and pack the fish into barrels for shipment. The remainder of the building was probably a net store and quarters for the fishermen. Much rebuilding work has subsequently been incorporated into the building you see today.

Evidence of other fish cellars in the village can still be seen at various locations in the village, in Charlestown Road, Duporth Road and near Barkhouse Lane.

Fish cellars were once commonplace and most Cornish fishing coves have examples if you search them out!

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